• Professionally present your business online add your Internet business address to your business cards, brochures and correspondence - this will make you look good.

  • Communicate with potential and existing customers online through our worldwide free secure e-mail account 24 hours 7 days a week and have a record of your communications for future reference.

  • Significantly reduce the time your employees spend on the phone telling customers general and specific business information and driving directions. 

  • Present your business in professional manner that will satisfy your requirements, not leaving it up to whoever is available to describe your business. 

  • Present images of owners, employees, physical location and interior design of your business.  (Especially important for businesses which serve customers on its premises, e.g. Restaurants, entertainment facilities, dentist offices etc.) 

  • Offer printable discounts that can be as flexible as you need. 

  • Be as flexible as you wish with the information that you place on your Internet business page. Change it anyway and anytime you want. 

  • Be able to display your professional accreditation online, such as an image of home improvement license, medical school diploma etc.

  • Put an end to Internet address pronunciation & advertisement difficulties with us its made easy to advertise your web page simply by telling your customers to enter your phone number at

  • See your business from any place in the world and learn about business details you provide, such as services you perform, hours of operation, personnel, accepted payment methods, etc. 24 hours a day 7 days a week and at no extra expense. 

  • Get detailed street-by-street, turn-by-turn driving directions from desired location to your place of business. 

  • Instantly access your internet business page by entering your phone number at 

  • Spend as much time as they want learning your business as opposed to television where advertisements only last seconds. 

  • Send you messages directly from your Internet business page, there is no need for them to have a predetermined e-mail program configured. This means that the customers will be able to leave you messages from any computer they have an access to.

  • Print discount offers right off your internet business page 

  • Literally see your business the way you want them to see it.